Komunidad to launch Philippines’ 1st rain monitoring system using satellite terminals

Komunidad has inked a partnership with Luxembourg-based startup to launch the Philippines’ first rain monitoring system using satellite terminals.

Komunidad said the country’s pioneering rain monitoring system powered by existing satellite terminals will be launched in the third quarter in 2022, in partnership with Databourg Systems, a start-up innovations technology company based in Europe.

“The partnership aims to transform rainfall data in real-time using satellite signals from existing Satellite terminals in the Philippines,” Komundad founder Felix Ayque said.

The monitoring system will be the first in the Philippines using satellite signals and can provide rainfall data with a spatial resolution of 5km x 5km and temporal resolution of 5 minutes.

Through this partnership, the Philippines will follow this new and alternative method in rain monitoring operationalized in France, Indonesia, New Zealand, and soon in South America by Databourg Systems.

Ayque said Komunidad “wanted to help our country in providing alternative sources of rain information to achieve a more localized approach in climate resilience and adaptation.”

Komunidad is a Software-as-a-Service company helping communities and industries to become more climate resilient while pushing positive economic gains in Asia. So far, the start-up lists local government units, energy companies, schools, real estate developers, banks and BPOs among its clients.

Databourg, dubbed as “The Rain Company,” meanwhile shares Komunidad’s mission to provide the best rainfall intelligence to business and institutional users. It is a start-up company conceived from innovative technology developed at the University of Luxembourg for environmental monitoring using satellite networks.

Ayque said that through this partnership, they aim to help governments and businesses by providing an alternative rain monitoring network to strengthen its decision support tools and climate resilience strategies. 

Users from various industries can now get rain data and insights at any point or region in the Philippines powered by this rain monitoring network. This will be available September 2022 through Komunidad’s suite of data and software services.

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