Curbeet Promotes Early Warnings for Safety in School Visits

Everyone’s safety AI sidekick Curbeet is including young Filipinos in the #EarlyWarningsforAll movement to promote safety against weather-related incidents and emergencies, as it embarks on a series of school visits.

Curbeet, Komunidad Global’s AI-powered safety app, has started making rounds in different school fairs to teach students the importance and benefits of weather alerts and safety tracking, to prevent potential incidents and emergencies by alerting app users of sudden weather changes.

Students who downloaded the app can also advocate for the safety of their loved ones through real-time location tracking that also shows current and expected weather conditions in their area.

Curbeet started its visit at National Youth Congress at the University of the Philippines Diliman  and PUP Young Leaders Congress at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines in November 2023, followed by Rizal Technological University in Mandaluyong on February 20, ABE International in Cainta on March 15, and Centro Escolar Integrated School from April 8 to 20, 2024. 

On each visit, Komunidad set up booths where students can learn what Curbeet offers through live demonstrations. They can also learn how to maximize the app’s features, and they were also able to ask Komunidad about Curbeet’s features, privacy measures, and usability. Students also get to avail of special promotional offers like discounted subscription rates and incentives, while they also get to take home freebies for app downloads.

Komunidad notes that Filipinos face unique challenges brought about by extreme weather conditions that impact our daily lives, including education. While schools mostly rely on government announcements for their updates on class schedules, detailed insights and risk analysis—that Komunidad and Curbeet provide—add an extra layer of security and empowerment for educational institutions and even the student community.

Curbeet, meanwhile, helps widen the reach of the #EarlyWarningsForAllMovement as it empowers its app users with timely and accurate weather information, and provides them with tools to receive early warnings and take proactive measures to protect themselves and others.

Komunidad believes that by incorporating Curbeet into their daily lives, we can empower people and help build resilience within a community against potential hazards or crises related to weather, which in turn will create a safer and more sustainable environment for all.

Watch out for Curbeet’s next stops in your school!

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