To drive the transition to a climate-resilient and sustainable world for present and future generations

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By leveraging our SaaS solutions, we work with enterprises and governments to help them mitigate and adapt to climate-related challenges.

We believe that by enhancing our capacities, embracing the power of data and analytics, and fostering collaboration, we can build ecosystems that thrive amidst a rapidly changing environment.


Empowering vulnerable communities

Vulnerable communities face bigger risks with fewer resources to adapt to and mitigate climate-related challenges.

We believe that addressing climate change also requires a strong focus on social equity and ensuring that the most affected communities get the necessary support to overcome the challenges they face.

Our efforts involve providing access to critical information, resources and tools to help communities build resilience; education and capacity-building programs; and raising awareness through live discussions.

Recognized by global institutions

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Building stronger communities for climate action

At Komunidad, we recognize that data and analytics are the keys to achieving a resilient and sustainable future.

We continuously work to develop innovative science-based solutions that help businesses and communities proactively contribute to the global effort against climate change, while driving sustainable growth and development.


How Komunidad Started

Komunidad’s journey began in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan (2013) in the Philippines, when founder Felix Ayque witnessed the devastation and resolved to develop effective strategies for businesses to enhance their resilience in the face of natural disasters.

He manually compiled comprehensive reports and disseminated them as email alerts, providing businesses with detailed analyses of approaching tropical cyclones that could potentially affect their operations.

This early initiative laid the foundation for Komunidad, which was officially established in June 2021.

Today, Komunidad has evolved into a prominent leader in climate data and analytics SaaS (software-as-a-service) throughout Asia, with offices in Singapore and the Philippines. Our goal is to equip diverse industries and governments with understandable and actionable information that will help them manage climate-related risks and drive collective action to address climate change.


We come together with a shared mission to make a positive impact in the face of climate change

Felix Ayque

Felix Ayque

Co-Founder & CEO 

Technology & Software Development

Allister Ayque, MCD

Co-Founder & COO 

Head of Philippines Operations

Community Social Impact

Dafne Yeltekin

Head of Europe Operations  

Environmental Policy & Sustainability

Jed Llanes

Head of ESG and Sustainability 

Corporate Sustainability

Kaye Sangalang

Head of Impact

Community Social Impact


Our core values shape the essence of who we are as an organization


We believe that through collective action and embracing the diverse perspectives of our team, clients, and stakeholders, we can co-create innovative solutions that can tackle complex challenges and amplify our collective impact.

Pushing boundaries

The world is constantly changing; our approach should continuously evolve with it. We value curiosity, forward thinking, and the willingness to explore different possibilities to remain at the forefront of impact.


We recognize our clients’ problems and goals, providing them with the support they need to navigate climate challenges efficiently. We aim to empower businesses, communities, and individuals to contribute to building a more resilient and sustainable world. 


Trust is the compass that guides our actions. We prioritize transparency in our interactions with clients and stakeholders; we promote an environment of accountability and openness within our team; and we are dedicated to delivering world-class solutions and services to our clients.


Be part of our team

At Komunidad we have a culture of community immersion and real social impact.

We are constantly looking for passionate individuals to join our dynamic team at Komunidad.

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