Transformative data and analytics that enables organizations to enhance their sustainability practices and contribute to a low-carbon, more sustainable future.


Tools that automate sustainability data gathering, analysis and reporting

As economies face the urgent challenges of climate change, transitioning to a low-carbon society has never been more crucial. 

By providing the necessary tools, data insights, and reporting capabilities, we’re supporting industries and communities in taking measurable and effective actions towards achieving a net-zero economy.


Simplify GHG accounting and sustainability reporting

Komunidad’s Climate Action Center automates data collection, analysis, and reporting, making it easier for businesses and governments to track and measure their sustainability performance. 

Upload excel sheets, input data online, scan statements, and integrate existing platforms to populate sustainability data. The data collection process can be flexible based on the requirements of the organization.

Create and customize what activities and emissions are apt and material to the oganization. Hundreds of possible activity selections which the organization can narrow down.

Organization can easily keep track of their facilities data and reports within the scope of their sustainability program.

Realtime view of full GHG emissions from SCOPE 1 to SCOPE 3 according to the standards of the UNFCCC and GHG Protocol. Emission factors used are as prescribed by the UNFCCC, IPCC, DEFRA, IFI, etc.

Emission factors can be customized per organization, whichever is relevant to their location or operations.

Allows the organization to input all the data against framework questions within the platform resulting to quick and efficient creation of reports. There are also document and web-based publishing options available. 

Allows the organization to view analysis of historical, realtime, short-term and long term climate related risk in a comprehensive “operations center” and “threat matrix” type format. 


Streamlines compliance with regulatory reporting requirements

Our end-to-end consultancy services enable industries to customize and enhance the system to meet their exact requirements, maximizing the impact of their sustainability initiatives.

Certifications and department specific training, orientation and capacity building for sustainability reporting team.

Conduct full stakeholder engagement and materiality analysis together with the designated sustainability reporting team in line with AA1000 standards.

Identify key data points, dashboards, and data input mechanisms and customize software that work best for each facility and/or business unit.

Data audit and analysis per facility or business unit including analysis, feedback and re-modeling of key data.

Analyze readiness of the organization to report according to standards; identify gaps and key missing areas; goal setting, target setting, and identifying future net zero plans.

Delivery and publishing of sustainability report. 

Users with access to Sustainability Suite can choose ways to offset their carbon emission through natural (e.g. avoided deforestation) or technological processes (e.g. landfill gas capture). 

Users can easily purchase offsets from hundreds of validated projects within the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM). 

See how our climate resilient leaders are harnessing climate and data analytics

4 Townships Nationwide

Empowering Megaworld’s Townships With Climate Risk Decision Support Tools

Through Komuindad, Megaworld harnesses the power of climate data and analytics to protect its townships in Taguig City, Tagaytay, Iloilo, Cebu and Boracay

Simplified Licensing

Straightforward licensing options for simplicity and convenience. Get access to the full suite of features and capabilities without complexities


$1000 annually per facility
  • Single Facility
  • Scope 1 & 2, Scope 3 (Limited)
  • Data Input Manager
  • Facility Optimizer
  • Emission Dashboard
  • Reporting Manager
  • Up to 2 Portal Users
  • Up to 2 Email Recipients
  • Audit Trail
  • Standard Support


Multiple locations & extended features
  • Additional Facilities & Users
  • End-to-End Consultancy Services
  • Purchase Carbon Offsets
  • Risk Analysis Integration
  • Premium Support
  • Whitelabel Option

Take action towards a sustainable future

Experience how Komunidad’s Climate Action Suite can support your transition to sustainable practices, helping you measure, reduce, and report your carbon emissions proactively and efficiently.

Reach out to our team today for personalized guidance on how to drive sustainable transformation.