Advancing Sustainable and Resilient Communities for Economic and National Development


Helping at-risk communities thrive through Climate Action Campaigns

We recognize the disproportionate impact of climate change on vulnerable communities, and factors like poverty and limited resources make them even more at risk.

Because of this, Komunidad developed the ASCEND program, focusing on two pivotal campaigns: #EarlyWarningsforAll and #ClimateActionAwareness. These campaigns serve as the foundation of our efforts to empower communities through technology, education, and community development to help them become more resilient in the face of climate change.


Mobile tools that build resilient communities

Curbeet is an AI-powered chatbot for natural hazard early warnings with 911 / SOS assistance features and a marketplace for disaster and emergency services. 

The app is designed for MSMEs and Individuals as an inclusive safety super app for climate resilience, disaster preparedness, emergency response and protection.

Our aim for the first release (November 2023) is to help MSMEs and Individuals in the Philippines get access to important safety alerts and emergency response information on a local level – saving more lives and prevent further economic damages.


Promoting inclusive resilience and sustainability

Komunidad organized Adapt Asia and KomunidadXchange as part of its #EarlyWarningsforAll and #ClimateActionAwareness campaign. 

These initiatives serve as platforms for knowledge-sharing, bringing together diverse sectors to foster collaboration in addressing climate change.

By facilitating these opportunities, Komunidad aims to create an environment where ideas, best practices, and innovative solutions are shared, leading to collective efforts to tackle climate challenges.

In November 2022, the first Adapt Asia forum was held in Makati City, Philippines, bringing together leaders and practitioners from across Asia who shared innovative solutions to advance climate adaptation and resilience in their communities. The forum provided a platform for discussing and learning about effective strategies to address the challenges of climate change.

Learn more about Adapt Asia

KomunidadXchange fireside chat is a series of informal exchanges, knowledge sharing, and networking activities that bring together diverse sectors to share valuable insights, learnings, and impactful approaches to addressing climate risks and impacts across and within sectors.

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Capacity-building initiatives and climate-tech interventions

From training programs and educational resources to advanced data and robust digital platforms, Komunidad equips vulnerable communities in the Philippines with the skills, knowledge and tools to respond effectively to climate-related challenges. 

We also actively collaborate with stakeholders and engage with local leaders to ensure contextually relevant, inclusive and sustainable interventions.


Our Community Projects

Building a Risk Reduction Hub for Coastal Communities in Calaguas Island

Through the Tech4ED Center, Calaguas Island in the province of Camarines Norte is spearheading efforts to safeguard its coastal barangays against climate risks.

Komunidad completes the first phase of its program to help Siargao Island in its recovery post-Typhoon Odette

Komunidad is helping Siargao Island rebuild from the ravages of Super Typhoon Odette which pummeled the tourist destination in December 2021, through science-based knowledge and decision support tools to help them better prepare for disasters.

Fostering Inclusive Climate Action to Empower Indigenous Communities

The Daraitan Green Tech Project aims to help the Dumagat Tribe in Rizal province address climate challenges and protect their natural resources by integrating technology with nature-based solutions. The project aims to use the latest climate solutions coming from Philippines, France and India.

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