Komunidad Empowers Dumagat Community in Building Climate Resilient Communities

Komunidad is taking its technology and climate solutions to Tanay town in Rizal province to empower the Indigenous Peoples of Dumagat nestled within the Sierra Madre mountain ranges to withstand extreme weather and rebuild their communities post-typhoons.

In August, Komunidad is set to launch its Daraitan GreenTech project, which introduces transformative measures to the Dumagats, Dumagat-Remontados, and other communities in Brgy. Daraitan. This initiative enables them to proactively prepare for typhoons and strengthen climate resilience while preserving their harmonious connection with nature, which is an integral part of their way of life.

This initiative is part of Komunidad’s ASCEND program (Advancing Sustainable and Resilient Communities for Economic and Social Development), which has also provided the Siargao islands and two villages in Calaguas Island, Camarines Norte, with automated reporting and early warning systems to help the communities prepare for and respond to the challenges posed by natural disasters.

Komunidad Founder and CEO Felix Ayque shared that his personal experiences in the Tinipak River in Daraitan shaped this project. He witnessed how communities here endure the challenges of heavy flooding during typhoons, where the surging currents become too strong, forcing the removal of a bridge connecting the lands. During these seasons, the Dumagat community relies on boats to cross the river to return to their homes and continue their livelihoods.

But the problem doesn’t end there; after the storm, post-disaster challenges persist.

With these ongoing challenges in mind, Ayque and the rest of Komunidad will implement the Daraitan Green Project. This initiative will deploy alternative radar equipment in strategic locations within and around the area to improve weather monitoring capabilities. Water level sensors and flow meters will also be installed in critical areas.

The integration of Komunidad’s flagship product, the Climate Action Center, will play a crucial role in this initiative. Through this system, members of the community will receive vital weather alerts through SMS, helping them stay informed and prepared for any potential weather-related risks.

Komunidad will also create an updated physical risk assessment and risk management plan, which will also include setting up a nature-based water treatment facility at the evacuation center to ensure a safe and reliable water supply.

Recognizing the significance of a healthy ecosystem and the deep connection between the Dumagat tribes and nature, Komunidad will also collaborate with them to start a reforestation program in the area to help restore Daraitan’s biodiversity.

As Ayque says: “Implementing these types of projects is not just about the science… but also fine-tuning their adoption within the communities, making them a real solution.”

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