Pasay City Strengthens Climate Resilience Policies with Komunidad Partnership

The local government of Pasay City has signed an agreement with Komunidad Global for the use of flood risk analysis and alert notification systems, which are vital tools that will help the locality become a climate-smart city.

Pasay City is a first-class, highly urbanized city that is home to more than 400,000 people. It is home to three of the four terminals of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport—the Philippines’ main gateway—and to many transportation terminals, making it a “travel city.”

A busy city all day long and with a high urbanization rate, Pasay City faces the pressing call to address flooding, especially along its main streets.

Komunidad is ready to help Pasay City realize its 2023-2034 vision to become a “sustainable eco-city.”

Under their agreement, Komunidad will install an electronic siren unit and five units of flood sensors that Pasay City can place on major thoroughfares. The package includes two years of maintenance, a data plan, data integration and support for the said units. Within the same period, Komunidad also commits to two years of warranty and data subscription, which can also be renewed.

An important aspect of achieving its new vision as a sustainable eco-city is that the LGU will also have access to a flood risk analysis system that can show situations per sensor, cluster or barangay. The system will also show tables and graph formats displaying analysis from the Flood Risk API Endpoint, which Pasay will have a two-year license to use.

Pasay City is also entitled to at least two million credits of individual SMS or Viber alerts on weather changes and forecasts. Meanwhile, the city will also receive a two-year license for automated weather video, delivered twice a day, that they can share with their residents.

Training for sensor maintenance, system admin, data API, and end users will also be given to Pasay City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management officers.

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