Komunidad shares latest developments in its ESG initiatives in Business for Sustainability led-Webinar

Komunidad Global shared its latest developments in promoting environmental and social governance practices among industries and communities they serve as part of a webinar on using technology to address challenges in implementing ESG.

Jed Llanes, Director of ESG and Sustainability at Komunidad, sat as one of the panelists in the Business for Sustainability Development (BSD) webinar entitled, “ESG in the Age of Modern Technology: Leveraging New Approach and Mechanism for Strategic Insights,” which was held last July 5.

BSD, formerly Philippine Business for the Environment, is a non-profit organization composed of sustainability consultants for the biggest companies in the Philippines.

“With the partnership with BSD we are looking into creating a full climate action platform with climate mitigation,” Llanes said during the panel discussion.

Komunidad enhances the high quality weather services provided by the Philippine government by adding local intelligence, applying modern data techniques, and building tailored-fit insights suited to a specific location, community, or business.

As part of its move to create a holistic ESG sustainability program, Komunidad developed a sustainability data management software that features a comprehensive but easy-to-use greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting system with hundreds of data parameters as well as accurate and localized emission factors for different locations and facilities.  

Komunidad also developed a carbon footprint app that can be customized with real-time updates according to the specific needs of different organizations. It also features a dashboard that monitors emissions from employees and can gather data on staff’s carbon footprint.

This new app will be pilot-tested in Quezon City this year.

According to Llanes, Komunidad is also working to incorporate climate resilience into its sustainability suite by integrating the weather platform, risk analysis, and physical risk assessment.

“Because that is what is needed in our location [in the Philippines]. Resilience is part of how we become sustainable,” he stressed.

Joining Llanes on the panel were Arch. Felino Palafox, founding and managing partner of Palafox Associates; Angelo Valencia, independent director of Nickel Asia Corporation; Nicolas Duvoisin Zanchi, senior associate of Climate Action World Business Council for Sustainable Development; and Dr. Esperanza Cayanan, deputy administrator for R&D at the Department of Science and Technology-PAGASA.

The rest of the discussion highlighted the standardization of carbon data on a product level, the use of environmentally friendly packaging and transport for e-commerce, and how to disseminate information about sustainability projects and programs.

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