Komunidad-powered iRiseUP System by Quezon City wins Galing Pook Awards 2023

Quezon City’s iRiseUP system emerged as one of the 10 awardees of the prestigious Galing Pook Awards 2023, a program that recognizes innovative practices by local governments in the Philippines.

This recognition is not only a significant milestone in QC’s commitment to climate resilience and innovation but also a transformative leap vital to a developing nation like the Philippines. 

The iRiseUP System

iRiseUP (Intelligent, Resilient and Integrated Systems for the Urban Population) is an initiative by the Quezon City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office that aims to step up the city’s disaster preparedness and protect its citizens through a multi-hazard localized early warning system combined with efficient dissemination to reach stakeholders up to the barangay and citizen level. 

Quezon City partnered with Komunidad to power iRiseUP, which was designed to provide real-time monitoring of weather, rain forecasts, thunderstorms and lightning updates, heat index monitoring and earthquake detection. The system gathers and processes data from early warning devices, remote sensors, data loggers, and field equipment dedicated to monitoring water levels in the rivers and observation of weather parameters through the use of state-of-the-art Geographic Information System (GIS) technologies and an IP-based public paging and alarm system. 

Through iRiseUP, QC’s disaster team is also able to monitor areas not covered by CCTV, improve weather broadcasting capabilities, and implement automated delivery reports for daily risk analysis. All critical data is made accessible to all citizens through a web app. 

With the goal of providing quick and easy access to all citizens, the iRiseUP system has now been developed into a mobile app, with extended features to empower citizens to take a proactive approach when it comes to disaster preparedness and sustainability.

The app allows individual users to monitor critical data for at least three locations, get access to weather advisories, and receive real-time alerts. 

The commitment to continuous improvement is evident in ongoing developments. iRiseUP is set to include a unique system that computes an individual and a household’s total carbon footprint, a feeds section where users can receive important announcements, and a monthly reporting system.

Climate-Related Risks in Quezon City

As the largest locality in the National Capital Region, Quezon City shelters over 2 million residents. Among its 142 barangays, 12 are identified as “high risk” for flooding, while an additional 43 are labeled “medium risk.” Ensuring safety, protection and efficiency in times of disaster is a huge undertaking. 

But in line with Komunidad’s commitment to inclusive climate resilience, Quezon City recognizes the transformative potential of localized tools, streamlined information dissemination and collaborative initiatives. Inclusion can enhance resilience and improve the adaptive capacities of the most vulnerable communities to the adverse impacts of climate change, particularly severe weather events, sudden temperature shifts, floods and rising water levels. 

Shaping a Resilient Future

Apart from the distinction from the Galing Pook Awards, iRiseUP also bagged first place in the Climate Technology for Resilience Award in DENR’s (Department of Environment and Natural Resources) “2022 Mga Kwentong KLIMA-likasan Recognition Awards” for the group category.

Through iRiseUP, Quezon City not only addresses the risks but also builds a foundation for long-term sustainability. As it continues to champion inclusive climate resilience, it paves the way for other cities and municipalities to follow suit, ensuring that the most vulnerable communities are not only protected but also empowered to face the evolving impacts of climate change.

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