Komunidad partners with New Zealand gov’t MetService to strengthen weather content services in Southeast Asia

Komunidad has strengthened its partnership with New Zealand’s National Weather Service  to provide better disaster visualization to local governments in the Philippines and all over Southeast Asia. 

The implementation of weather broadcasting solutions will help more communities and businesses in the Philippines understand climate-related risks and prepare for adverse impacts, including severe weather events and natural disasters.

MetService and its subsidiary MetraWeather, a global weather company, are known for providing innovative weather forecasting, data and presentation services. They are also currently providing TV weather broadcast solutions for local TV stations in the Philippines. 

With this strengthened cooperation between the two enterprises, Taguig City, Quezon City, Mandaluyong City and the City of Manila can now integrate weather broadcast solutions in their Disaster Risk Reduction Management Offices and Public Information Office—with the same visualization tool used by GMA-7, CNN Philippines and state weather bureau PAGASA.

Video animation delivered to Quezon City

Komunidad has been helping LGUs, industries and even schools to become more climate resilient as it forges on a path for positive economic gains in Asia.

Meanwhile, MetraWeather is equipped with over 150 years of forecasting experience with more than 100 experts under its belt that are committed to helping industries and communities safe and making informed decisions based on weather.

Komunidad founder Felix Ayque said their partnership with MetWeather will also open opportunities for many industries in Southeast Asia to avail of automated weather video clips.

These will include weather animations on rain, wind, temperature, air quality, lifestyle indices and government alerts on tropical cyclones, flooding and earthquake—all important factors for industries to keep their productivity at maximum while ensuring the welfare of their employees.

“These video clips can be used in operations, events, office displays, social media and more,” Ayque continued.

Lucy Batt, GM International Business of MetraWeather, shared the enthusiasm of Komunidad in this next step in their partnership as they expand their services in Southeast Asia.

“Jointly, we go beyond the weather data to provide meaningful and actionable content to our customers and communities,” Batt said. “These core values have been key to our success, and we look forward to much more in the future.”

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