Komunidad Launches Curbeet, An All-in-One Safety App

Komunidad is bringing its #EarlyWarningsForAll movement to mobile phones with the launch of Curbeet, an AI-powered safety app dedicated to keeping you informed and prepared for potential natural hazards.

Curbeet anticipates, informs, and empowers users to navigate climate challenges, from warnings on natural hazards, location monitoring, quick emergency calls, AI-powered safety chats and tailored lifestyle insights. This ensures that users are prepared, connected, and safe wherever they are.

“Komunidad aims to help folks stay safe and connected during emergencies by developing Curbeet,” Komunidad Impact Director Kaye Sangalang said. 

“It’s all about giving people real-time weather updates and making it easy to reach out during crises, plus sharing locations with loved ones, all within one app.”

Komunidad also envisions Curbeet becoming an integral part of every Filipino’s daily life, allowing users to anticipate and prepare for emergencies more effectively.

“Whether it’s a tropical cyclone or a sudden thunderstorm, being informed and connected can help you stay safe,” she continued.

The highly customizable and comprehensive app allows users to get localized early warnings of potential bad weather and other natural hazards, such as new low pressure areas (LPAs) and tropical cyclones under government monitoring, heavy rain, high chances of rain, high heat index, and strong winds. Through chat and app notifications, users can also be alerted of lightning strikes, dangerous thunderstorms, and mosquito activity.

Users can also get up-to-date government-issued weather bulletins and advisories, as well as share these alerts with their loved ones. 

Another unique feature is location and activity monitoring, which helps users track their friends and loved ones’ locations while assessing environmental risks in their vicinity. The app also simplifies emergency communication, allowing users to connect to the nearest emergency hotline with a single tap or quickly alert their emergency contacts with a simple shake of their phones.

Recognizing the importance of knowledge in the #EarlyWarningsForAll movement, Komunidad has integrated a ChatGPT-powered bot into Curbeet. The bot offers users instant answers to questions regarding safety, disaster readiness, and emergency response.

Free app users can get access to weather warnings every six hours and five free chats to Curbeet on your weather and safety questions. Paid subscription—from P29 to P49 per month—gives users more frequent weather alerts in a day, increased forecast accuracy, and additional locations for alerting.

Komunidad is also looking to add more features to the app, including affordable insurance and additional emergency services.

Curbeet is now available for download on both Google Play Store and Apple Store.

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