Komunidad Featured in Startup Selection at 4YFN Green Tech Programme in Spain

Komunidad Global continues to gain recognition across the globe.

Komunidad is headed to Barcelona, Spain, to take the stage as one of the top five climate and green tech startups in the 4YFN, a global competition to discover the best digital startups.

“We are excited to pitch and showcase our Climate Action Center Platform and share our impact related to #EarlyWarningsForAll and #Sustainability,” Komunidad CEO and Founder Felix Ayque said.

4YFN named Komunidad as one of the five climate and green tech startups “not to be missed” and has received recommendations from key partners and the investors’ community.

4YFN said these startups also represent “high growth companies” and are “promising and disruptive ones who are on-route to becoming tomorrow’s market leaders.”

“In our mission to reach net zero, we need to develop pioneering innovations and technologies that are in harmony with the natural world,” it added.

Komunidad Impact Director Kaye Sangalang said they hope to reap significant benefits from their participation in this global event. “By sharing and showcasing our operational solutions successfully implemented in the Philippines, we aim to amplify global exposure, fostering partnerships and engagements crucial for our global expansion plans,” she said.

Sangalang added that they are excited to gain more insights and knowledge from different climate tech startups that will take part in the event, acknowledging the value of collaborative learning and the exchange of ideas to further enhance Komunidad’s innovative approaches and contribute to the broader sustainable technology landscape.

Diana Arpon, Business Development and Partnerships Manager, meanwhile stressed that seizing this opportunity not only allows them to showcase the impact of Komunidad’s solutions but also positions the company to actively participate in the vibrant exchange of ideas within the climate tech community.

Diana Arpon and Dafne Yeltekin, Komunidad’s representatives for 4YFN Barcelona 2024

Other start-ups that 4YFN listed under the Green Tech category are Germany-based Dryad, Nepal-based GeoKrishi, and India-based Recircle. Another domestic company, Pathway Technologies and Services, rounds up the list of the five climate tech startups.

4YFN helps build bridges among start-ups, investors, collaborators, and CEOs. Start-ups and entrepreneurs also get to share their stories and achievements, while they also build networks and showcase their latest innovations on a global scale.

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