Komunidad ESG & Sustainability Suite Officially Launched

Komunidad Global has unveiled its ESG & Sustainability Suite, its latest digital solutions product that can help industries and organizations track their operation’s impact on the environment and their contribution to the fulfillment of universal sustainability targets.

Komunidad Director for ESG and Sustainability Jed Llanes said at the launch that in their years of practice in the sustainability field, they found that “that the Philippine market is still missing one piece which was automation data collection, a platform for ESG and sustainability made in the Philippines, made by Filipinos and more apt for the Philippine environment.”

With this, Komunidad created its ESG & Sustainability Suite, an integrated platform for data collection, reporting and analysis of sustainability operations for businesses and organizations.

The ESG & Sustainability Suite was officially launched last September 20, as a side event at the Sustainability Fireside Chat gathering.

The tool is especially helpful as the Philippines’ Securities and Exchange Commission has already mandated sustainability reporting for publicly listed companies. And as discussed by a panel of experts during the Fireside Chat launch, companies may find sustainability reporting as overwhelming.

Llanes highlighted that Komunidad has designed the suite to be customizable and apt for the Philippine environment, as with the climate technology start-up’s other products. He also stressed that the Suite has a simple design, since it was made primarily for sustainability reporters on the ground.

Llanes shared that they acknowledge that monitoring may work differently for companies, and they designed the ESG & Sustainability Suite with this in mind. “We can fix that according to your needs. So don’t think of it as a platform where you have to change your operations, you have to change the way you are reporting for,” he said.

“It’s the other way around. We will change our platform for what you are doing on the ground,” Llanes continued.

The Suite’s dashboard is customizable, allowing clients to pick whether they want their data shown through line, bar, or even bar graphs. Businesses can also compare operations and their sustainability impact among their facilities, at real-time.

Among its features is a materiality selector that will allow organizations to create and customize activities and emissions that are apt and material to them, and a facility optimizer to keep track of their facilities.

Keeping in mind that some businesses may already have data input ways on their own, Komunidad has designed the suite to accommodate these. They can upload excel file sheets, input data manually, scan bills and even integrate existing platforms to populate sustainability data.

“After all the data has been put through, the system automatically calculates that data into a GHG emissions report that follows the [United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change] greenhouse gas protocols,” Llanes said.

Clients may also opt to add features such as automated physical risk assessments and climate operations integration and a sustainability microsite that Komunidad can create for them.

Through a recently inked partnership with Europe-based Cloverly, those who will avail of the Suite may also access the Voluntary Carbon Market, a solution for organizations and businesses to offset excess emissions. Clients may pick how they want to offset their carbon emission: Natural (e.g. avoided deforestation) or technological processes (e.g. landfill gas capture).

Those who wish to inquire more about Komunidad’s ESG & Sustainability Suite may email us at

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