Komunidad Enhances AtoANI’s Services to Reduce Crop Wastage with Climate Action Center

Komunidad Global is looking to help Filipino farmers to boost their productivity and help minimize crop wastage, while promoting their safety and disaster preparedness, through its deal with Bohol-based AtoANI Agriventures Inc.

Komunidad has inked a partnership with AtoANI Agriventures Inc. a startup social enterprise that, like Komunidad, also harnesses data to provide solutions.

Through data, AtoANI helps farmers and agriculture organizations to reduce crop wastage, maximize land use, promote sustainable agriculture practices and direct crop distribution, through AtoANI iCROP.

AtoANI helps ensure that the best agricultural products are delivered to customers on agreed delivery times in the most convenient way—and in turn, implement a data-based produce-to-demand sustainable agriculture model to support farming communities.

Through this new partnership, Komunidad will enhance AtoANI’s primary service of helping reduce crop wastage through the Climate Action Center that provides single-site analysis, reporting and alerting.

Those who will avail of this service of AtoANI can now access Komunidad’s thoroughly built site analysis dashboard that covers one location and shows up to 10 hazard parameters. Clients will also have 5,000 Early Warning Alert credits that may be received through SMS or Viber.

They will also be entitled to one event triggered report and one scheduled daily report to be received by five report recipients via email.

Clients may also opt to purchase extensions so more users can access the portal and more locations are covered. Extensions may also be bought to have access to weather observations and forecasts and activate more alerts, or receive more reports.

Pending approval of their local government units, the enhanced service of AtoANI will be offered to partner-farmers in Dait Sur and Anonang in Inabanga, Bohol; and Cambuhat, Nueva Granda, Merryland, Pundukan and Rufo Hill in Buenavista, Bohol.

Partner farmers in Cabalawan, Sogod; Caurasan, Carmen; and Ipil Carmen, Cebu may also explore it.

Meanwhile, AtoANI is also working on expanding their reach to cover all regions across the country, with focus on Calabarzon, Western Visayas, Central Visayas, and the Zamboanga Peninsula regions.

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