Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Framework Can Benefit From AI, Komunidad says at IBM Forum

Artificial Intelligence can be used to improve the framework and communications related to Disaster Risk Reduction and Management in the Philippines, Komunidad Founder and CEO Felix Ayque said.

Ayque shared this in his panel talk at the recently held IBM Tech Innovation Forum at the Grand Hyatt Manila in Bonifacio Global City Taguig.

Sharing the stage with other tech innovators, Ayque pointed out that AI—a technology already being harnessed by 35% companies globally—is “the best way to achieve a ‘multi-hazard impact based system,’ which is the new global standard.”

Across the globe, AI has been transforming businesses and improving services but questions on its impact and value hound it and other innovative technology solutions in the Philippines.

During his talk, Ayque, whose startup Komunidad harnesses technology for weather solutions, discussed how AI can improve climate resilience, save lives and reduce economic damages in times of disasters.

Komunidad CEO Felix presenting a slide at the IBM tech Forum about the Philippines being #1 in the World Risk Index

When it comes to weather, he pointed out that there is already massive data that Philippine communities and industries have access to. This can come from government agencies, such as the state weather bureau PAGASA or Project NOAH, or private entities such as Komunidad and IBM The Weather Company.

However, the presentation of these data varies. Some are structured and some are not, Ayque noted. They also come in different formats. With this, he stressed: “It’s not easy to use all that critical data in realtime.” 

This is where AI can come in. “It will get massive amounts of data to accelerate data depending on decision-making and improving informed frameworks,” he continued.

As an example, AI can generate real time analysis for a bank management with 2,000 branches and 5,000 ATMs spread across the country. Not only will this analysis help in ensuring business continuity, but it will also help the company protect all its employees nationwide.

A bank company that utilizes AI can get real time analysis for every 5 km span nationwide, build an enterprise chatbot, create more applications and get more insights. All these, will open up possibilities for managers and employees, such as knowing the affected bank branches and ATM and which can operate, or simply finding out if it is safe for the staff to still proceed to work.

“AI can have the best value if there is a real problem to solve within an organization or a community,” Ayque said, adding that the future workforce will and can use chatbots to work more effectively.

And, it should also be noted that, “the new generation likes it too,” Ayque concluded.

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