Physical Impact Risk Assessment

Comprehensive analysis for companies and governments to facilitate efficient resilience plans, implement targeted adaptation measures and improve the quality of sustainability reporting.


Enhancing Overall Preparedness in the Face of Climate Change

As the impacts of climate change intensify, understanding the risks has become increasingly important for resilience and sustainable development. 

Our Physical Impact Risk Assessment report service helps identify localities and areas at high risk for climate-related hazards, enabling more effective resilience planning, risk management and compliance to sustainability reporting standards. 


Safeguard your operations, assets and communities

Komunidad’s Physical Impact Risk Assessment report service equips companies and governments with valuable insights to assess vulnerabilities, develop tailored resilience strategies, produce better sustainability reports and make informed decisions to proactively address the impacts of climate change.

Robust data collection and management process that allows to gather and organize data from various sources resulting to comprehensive risk assessments. 

Access to user-friendly dashboards and dynamic visualizations with interactive graphs, charts and maps to help users gain critical insights into the probability of risks and their potential severity, facilitating more informed decision-making. 

Document and web-based report publishing options allowing for more streamlined communications and effective collaboration.


Proactively prepare for climate-related challenges

By leveraging insights gained from our system, organizations can make evidence-based decisions, foster collaboration and drive collective action.

With comprehensive risk assessments, companies and governments can gain a deeper understanding of vulnerabilities, enabling them to prioritize and implement effective risk reduction measures.

Our analytical tools and visualizations allow users to make informed decisions based on data, empowering decision-makers to allocate resources efficiently, prioritize action and develop resilience strategies to address specified risks.

Users can identify at-risk areas, localities or populations and develop targeted adaptation and risk-reduction measures. This enhances preparedness and helps organizations and communities withstand and recover from climate-related risks.

Empowers stakeholders to share knowledge, align strategies, promote effective communications and work collaboratively, ensuring a coordinated and impactful response to climate challenges.

A comprehensive view of  exposure with our geospatial data, risk profiling, vulnerability assessment, climate and disaster risk assessment and other critical analysis that contribute to better sustainability reporting. 

See how we’re helping organizations strengthen their resilience against climate risks

142 barangays protected

Powering Quezon City’s Early Warning Systems to Protect 142 Barangays

The largest and most populous city in Metro Manila, the Philippines’ capital region, strengthens resilience against severe weather using Komunidad’s Climate Action Center to aid in decision-making, response and planning.

Flexible Licensing Options

Available licensing models tailored to your needs.

Get the most out of your investment and ensure that you have the necessary access and capabilities to effectively assess and manage physical risk exposure.

For Companies

$1000 valid for 3 years
  • Single Facility
  • Data Collection & Management
  • Location-based Risk Profile
  • Location-based Hazard and Risk Maps
  • Dashboard Access for 1 User
  • Physical Climate Risk Assessment Report
  • Standard support

For Local Government

$3000 valid for 3 years
  • Single Area or Village
  • Risk Profiling of Priority Hazards
  • 3 Hazard Maps
  • 3 Risk Maps
  • 1 Evacuation map
  • 1 Critical Infrastructure Map
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Climate and Disaster Risk Assessment
  • Dashboard Access for 1 User
  • Community-based Disaster Risk Reduction Management Plan w/ 1 Day Training
  • Standard support


Multiple locations & extended features
  • Additional Locations & Users
  • Consultancy Services
  • Custom Report Development
  • Custom Publishing Options
  • Data and integration
  • Training
  • Premium Support

Take decisive action against climate-related risks

Gain valuable insights into vulnerabilities, develop targeted adaptation strategies, and make informed decisions to protect your assets, operations, and communities.

Contact our team today to learn more about our Physical Impact Risk Assessment report service.