Mobile CAC

Robust mobile app that empowers organizations and governments to effectively engage their stakeholders in addressing climate-related challenges.


Tools for local risk analysis, early warning and climate action awareness

Climate change is a global challenge that requires a collective effort to adapt to and mitigate its impacts. 

Mobile CAC allows organizations and governments to engage their stakeholders and equip them with accessible tools, information, and opportunities so they can assess, prepare for, and respond to the challenges posed by climate change.


Climate Action at the local level

Through Komunidad’s Mobile CAC (Climate Action Center), organizations and governments can drive informed decision-making, inspire proactive measures, and strengthen climate resilience on a broader scale.

Users can stay informed and take necessary precautions through real-time alerts with in-app notifications of severe weather and natural hazards specific to their location.

Enable stakeholders to get quick analysis and detailed impact-based assessment of severe weather and natural hazards specific to their location.

Keep users informed and facilitate knowledge sharing through a centralized hub for critical information, announcements and reports related to severe weather and natural hazards specific to their location.

Cultivate a culture of climate consciousness among users and stakeholders through active participation in climate-related discussions, educational initiatives, tools to analyze carbon emissions and other efforts to raise awareness about climate action.


How Mobile CAC can strengthen climate resilience and sustainability

By understanding their vulnerabilities and risks, users can develop customized adaptation strategies and build resilience against climate-related threats.

Promotes collaboration, encourages active participation in climate-related discussions, and facilitates collective action towards addressing climate challenges.

Enables individual users and groups to better understand the potential impacts of climate change and take proactive measures to mitigate them.

Educates and engages stakeholders in discussions about climate change mitigation, sustainable practices, and environmental stewardship, inspiring users to promote broader climate action.

Discover the Impact of Mobile CAC on Resilience and Sustainability Leaders

4 Townships Nationwide

Empowering Megaworld’s Townships With Climate Risk Decision Support Tools

Through Komuindad, Megaworld harnesses the power of climate data and analytics to protect its townships in Taguig City, Tagaytay, Iloilo, Cebu and Boracay

Simplified Licensing

Straightforward licensing options for simplicity and convenience. Get access to the full suite of features and capabilities without complexities.

Mobile CAC

$3000 annually
  • Whitelabeled Mobile App for IOS & Android
  • Multi-Hazard Parameters
  • Up to 5 Locations
  • Up to 50 Users
  • Location-Based Alerts
  • Location-Based Risk Analysis
  • In-App Notifications
  • Government Agency Feeds
  • Standard Support & Maintenance


Multiple locations & extended features
  • Additional Locations & Users
  • Bulk SMS Alerting
  • Climate Action Awareness Feature
  • Custom Application Development
  • Data & Integration
  • Publishing in GooglePlay & AppleStore
  • Premium Support & Maintenance

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