Enhancing the power sector’s productivity and demand forecasting using climate data and analytics

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Utility providers power economies. Industries stand to lose millions to billions in every power outage. For developing countries, economic growth relies largely on electricity for infrastructure, to power industries and even healthcare services.

But weather changes can have operational impact for utility companies, and power demand may be affected too.

There are 38 cities and 73 towns that rely on utility distribution giant Meralco for their electricity needs. As the largest private sector distribution utility company in the Philippines, Meralco powers 55% of the country’s total electricity output.

Meanwhile, First Gen is one of the oldest and largest conglomerates in the Philippines that holds interests in power generation and power distribution.

Together, these two companies have been powering industries and helped communities through decades now.

Updated, deep environmental data

On top of an average of 20 typhoons in the Philippines every year, the country has long stretches of coastal towns, and even island provinces. Weather may vary for communities—and this result in unpredictable weather and temperature and humidity spikes and drops. All of these could affect electricity supply and demand and pricing costs.

Environmental intelligence, weather forecasting, and trend analysis using historical climate data can help major renewable energy producers and utility distributors to optimize power supply and demand across the country.

This is important as inaccurate power demand forecasts may leave utility companies in the dark on how to effectively distribute power especially amid extreme weather conditions.

Komunidad has been helping Meralco and First Gen Eula protect and provide service to their customers by providing them with custom data delivery that they can use in studying power supply and demand, and historical climate data.

Meralco and First Gen Eula are also given access to observation and forecast data with hourly forecast updates for identified locations, that will help them anticipate spikes in power supply and map out energy distribution across locations under their services. Both companies are also provided with a one-time csv file delivery of five-minute historical weather data for pre-identified locations that will prove useful for their development. By anticipating demands, Meralco and First Gen Eula can assure their customers of uninterrupted power.

Komunidad is committed to being a partner of companies, industries and communities that recognized and put premium on environmental data on achieving their mission to be sustainable and climate resilient. This, Komunidad believes, will not only help industries’ maximize their potential and protect their personnel and clients, but also allow them to become greener industries.

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